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Skateboard Beach Babes

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Skateboard Beach Babes, Scene #01
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Scene Description: I LOVE being filmed! Maybe I'm just a bit of an exhibition-ista, but I also just love capturing the little precious moments of my life -- meeting cool new people, getting to know their stories, getting to share those stories on Youtube or with friends. My gal pal Rhianna and I were trolling a Venice beach with our cameras and we bumped into this really sexy, funloving skateboard babe named Mandy. She showed me some moves on her skateboard and I showed her some moves in the bedroom, or the couch in this case. With her face buried so deep in my pussy, I got so fucking wet it was like the flood season came early to Venice, haha! So glad we filmed the whole thing, though I guess we won't be putting this one on Youtube after all!

From Tara Morgan and Mandy Armani

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