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Epic DARE Wheel Challenge! (3 Girls x 3 Spins = 9 Dares!)
Hey everyone! It's me, Riley!

I have a special treat in store for you today! I invited my two best friends, Hazel and Kyler, to join me for a little game: an epic dare wheel challenge! I thought it'd be a fun way to mix things up a little on this channel -- I'll take any excuse to hang out with my bestest besties.

My first dare was to share a 'private' kiss with another player and Hazel was up for the challenge, so we snuck into the bathroom. Oh, boy, I'll tell you this: Hazel is an AMAZING kisser. I could've easily kept on kissing her FOREVER but Kyler was pretty sneaky and popped in with the phone, so... I guess it wasn't all THAT private after all, haha!

But that was just the beginning. The longer we played, the sexier the dares got, especially when we all got braver. Like, Hazel deepthroated a banana and Kyler got spanked... There were lapdances and more kisses... Whoo, I'm getting hot just thinking about it! I need a fan!

Anyway, we did a LOT of fun, sexy things as we took turns spinning the dare wheel but when it landed on 'threesome,' well, that's what I remember the most! We were all feeling a bit frisky from the game, so having the chance to FINALLY get down and dirty with each other was... well, I DARE you to watch and find out!

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Date added: 2021-01-17 Length: 00:31:20 Rating:
Like 13
Dislike 2
Comments: 3
Description : Two straight friends and roommates, Eliza Ibarra and Whitney Wright are excited to take part in a study. Although Whitney's a little nervous about it, especially since she's not entirely sure what the study is about, Eliza is all for it. Eliza's SURE that they're just going to be asked some questions and then they'll be done!

When Casey Calvert arrives and announces that she'll be the one conducting the study, Eliza and Whitney are ready to go! But then they get the shock of a lifetime when Casey asks if they're lesbians, revealing that they need to be a lesbian couple in order to participate. They are even MORE shocked when Casey also announces that they'll even need to have sex as part of the study!

Desperate not to get kicked out of the study, Eliza and Whitney play up being an adoring couple, although Casey is suspicious. Since they need to seal the deal, they begin kissing each other, cutely fumbling over themselves in their nervousness. However, to their surprise, Eliza and Whitney find that they actually ENJOY kissing and things gradually become more steamy... As Casey keenly observes them and scribbles down notes, Eliza and Whitney are about to give her all the data she needs!
Date added: 2021-01-16 Length: 00:42:57 Rating:
Like 77
Dislike 33
Comments: 27
Description : Nikki Delano and her stepdaughter Aften Opal have a heated discussion. Nikki wants to sell their house, but Aften is opposed to that because she has too many precious memories attached to this home. However, Nikki's mind is made up, and a realtor is already on the way to the house. But Aften is not giving up, and secretly vows to herself to sabotage the sale.

The realtor (Nina Elle) arrives. When Aften gets a look at her, more of her plan seems to formulate and she gets flirty with Nina. Nina is clearly attracted to Aften and is immediately flustered by Aften's flirty vibe. When Nikki leaves Nina alone for a moment, Aften proposes an arrangement to Nina: if Nina can convince Nikki not to sell the house, then Aften will make herself sexually available to Nina! To seal the deal, Aften and Nina make out for a moment before Aften sends Nina away to complete her task.

Nina tries to convince Nikki not to sell the house, but Nikki sees right through her, correctly guessing that Aften put her up to it. Nikki uses the same tactics, getting hot and flirty with Nina, but Aften catches them in the act. Naturally, this means war! It's a battle of the temptresses, as Nikki and Aften each vow to do anything they can to sway Nina to their side. They strip Nina and fondle her all over, competing to see who can give her the most pleasure. Whatever the outcome, clearly Nina is going to be the real winner here!
Date added: 2021-01-14 Length: 00:41:45 Rating:
Like 61
Dislike 68
Comments: 23
Description : Casca Akashova is just finishing up a session with her psychiatrist, Dr. Julianna Vega. She is happy about how much her life has changed due to these therapy sessions. Julianna helped Casca to realize her true self as a lesbian, helped her deal with her divorce, helped her with the stresses of starting over, and now she's on a new life path out and happy. It's all thanks to Julianna!

Casca expresses her admiration for Julianna, eventually admitting that she has also fallen in love with her. Casca adds that she understands if Julianna doesn't feel the same way, but she just had to tell her. No more living in the closet about her feelings!

Julianna sits in silence for a moment and then answers that she can't be her psychiatrist anymore, which shocks Casca. But then Julianna quickly rephrases to explain that what she MEANT was that she has feelings for Casca as well, but cannot act on those feelings while being her psychiatrist. So, it's time for them to start a whole new relationship together! With their feelings out in the open, the two women begin to remove their clothes and explore each other, touching and kissing passionately...
Date added: 2021-01-09 Length: 00:33:06 Rating:
Like 204
Dislike 20
Comments: 29
Description : Gia Derza is looking extra lovely today, because she had a date. But something must have gone badly, because she returns home seeming downcast and discouraged. Seeking comfort, Gia goes to her step-mom, Sarah Vandella. Sarah is a caring step-mom, so she is quick to ask Gia what's wrong.

Even though she's initially shy, Gia eventually admits what went wrong: when she and her date started to fool around, Gia was very bad at it. Gia is mortified, doubting that she was ever good at sex in the first place.

Sarah thinks Gia was just nervous and that was the only reason that she choked on the date. Sarah decides that she would be willing to do anything to restore Gia's confidence, so she suggests that Gia show off her sex skills in a setting that won't make her nervous: then and there with Sarah.

Even though Gia is initially reluctant, she ultimately agrees. They start with tender kissing, and then thanks to Sarah's encouragement and compliments, they move on to lots of touching and licking. With Gia's confidence restored, it looks like her next date is guaranteed to go perfectly!
Date added: 2021-01-08 Length: 00:36:31 Rating:
Like 160
Dislike 13
Comments: 20
Description : Two teens, Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe, are trying on their new school uniforms. Maya complains that hers is too big. Since Jane has some experience sewing, she offers to fix it for her friend. Jane takes out a measuring tape and measures Maya's charming little waist, then asks Maya to bend over so she can get an accurate measurement of Maya's nice butt!

Next, it's time for Jane to take Maya's top measurements, but wait, surely the results will be more accurate if Maya takes her shirt off, right? Maya is a little shy but eventually agrees. She gets down to her bra, and whoops, her matching panties are also visible! When Jane gets a look at Maya's body, she becomes immediately lusty, but tries to hide it as she measures her.

Eventually, Jane can't resist her lusty feelings anymore and makes excuses for Maya to take off more of her clothes, and even asks to touch Maya's breasts... all in the name of accuracy, of course. Maya catches on to what Jane is doing, but is receptive to her advances. Soon Jane's clothes come off as well, and then it's time for some fun kissing and lots of sexy touching. After all, who cares about clothes when these two beauties are a perfect fit for each other!
Date added: 2021-01-03 Length: 00:39:22 Rating:
Like 279
Dislike 7
Comments: 48
Description : Dr. Charlotte Stokely is a busy woman, however, she is taking the time to make a house call. That's because she is visiting a very special patient: Elena Koshka, the lovely wife of Charlotte's best friend, Darlene. Entering Elena's bedroom, the beautiful doctor finds Elena in bed with her ankle propped up. Darlene isn't home at the moment, so she isn't around to see that there are hints of romantic tension between Charlotte and Elena.

It turns out that Elena hurt her ankle while trying to exercise in order to please Darlene. As Charlotte chats with Elena while examining the injury, there are clues that Elena is not completely happy in her marriage. Charlotte bandages Elena's ankle, her skilled fingers caressing the soft skin of Elena's sexy leg. The doctor's healing touch causes romantic tension to grow even further. Charlotte seems to want to say something but bites her tongue. After all, she is a doctor, so she has vowed to do no harm.

Eventually, Charlotte decides that staying silent would be even worse, so she finally says what she has been bottling up: she feels obligated to tell Elena that Darlene is not right for her. With that, the whole truth comes pouring out: Charlotte and Elena have had feelings for each other for a long time, and now they are finally deciding to act on these feelings. Charlotte kisses Elena again and again, removing her clothes and vowing to take good care of her...
Date added: 2021-01-02 Length: 00:32:36 Rating:
Like 160
Dislike 26
Comments: 19
Description : Nina Elle tells her step-daughter Aften Opal that breakfast is ready, but Aften is glued to her phone. It seems that hunger is no match for the power of texting! In fact, Aften is pretty much ALWAYS on her phone. But Nina is a determined woman, and she resolves to figure out a way to tear Aften away from the device.

Later that day, Nina pretends that there is a fire alarm in the house. But it turns out that idea wasn't so hot after all, because Aften still doesn't put down her phone. What's a step-mom to do?

The next day, Nina offers to buy Aften a new car... ANY car that she wants! Surely this is every 18-year-old's dream come true, right? But that plan hits a pothole when Aften STILL doesn't put the phone down. Geez, another failure! Nina decides that she needs to try a different approach.

Later that day, Nina tries to tempt Aften to put away her cell phone by dressing in sexy lingerie, but it still doesn't work! How could THIS have failed?! In a last-ditch effort, Nina offers to touch and lick Aften's pussy, which FINALLY makes Aften happily look away from her phone! Hey, who needs a phone when there are much more FUN ways to stay in touch?
Date added: 2020-12-31 Length: 00:31:03 Rating:
Like 185
Dislike 9
Comments: 15
Description : Whitney Wright is getting ready to leave for the weekend. She's on her way to a gaming tournament! Eliza Ibarra, her roommate, is excited because that means she has the one-room apartment all to herself. Finally, Eliza will have some alone time... special sexy alone time, of course!

But life is full of surprises, so later that same day Whitney returns home, her flight having been canceled. She is shocked to find Elizamasturbating, LOUDLY! They each have set times to have the apartment to themselves and this weekend was Eliza's turn. A deal's a deal, so Whitney agrees to not bother Eliza, distracting herself with video games.

Whitney tries to play video games to distract herself while Eliza stubbornly masturbates in the background. Whitney struggles to keep the other gamers from overhearing Eliza, but those sexy noises become increasingly difficult to ignore! Eliza notices and beginsto be bolder, sitting right next to Whitney while continuing to masturbate. Eliza eventually throws a leg over Whitney's lap while still masturbating. Whitney finally stops playing the game as lust consumes her, so Eliza invites her to have sex. They begin kissing and sucking on each other's breasts. It's time for this gamer to score!
Date added: 2020-12-26 Length: 00:33:32 Rating:
Like 160
Dislike 39
Comments: 25
Description : Christie Stevens, an HR rep at a big company, is showing her step-daughter, Gia Derza, around the place. Christie has gotten Gia a summer internship and expects her to be on her best behavior.

But a week later, nothing is going according to plan. Christie has heard a rumor that Gia is dating someone in the company and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Christie sees the conference room and decides to check if Gia is in there. Christie gets ready to push open the conference room door but pauses as she hears moans of pleasure from inside. She is shocked, then nudges open the door enough to look inside, seeing Gia and the boss's daughter, Eliza Eves, both half-naked and having sex together.

Christie interrupts them and tries to discipline Gia but tiptoes around Eliza since she doesn't want to get in trouble with her boss. But Eliza and Gia are not intimidated by Christie. Instead, Eliza takes the lead and they begin trying to seduce Christie. Christie is attracted to them in the heat of the moment but tries to resist, fearing getting in trouble. Eliza assures her that she won't get in trouble with the boss.

Christie finally decides that she's up for some sexy fun with these gorgeous long as the boss doesn't find out!
Date added: 2020-12-25 Length: 00:26:45 Rating:
Like 163
Dislike 19
Comments: 19
Description : Two step-sisters, Kenzie Reeves and Chloe Cherry, are hanging out in the living room, getting settled on the couch. They are cheerful and happy to be around each other and are about to watch a movie on Chloe's mom's laptop. They curl up on the couch together, browsing the laptop. After a moment, they accidentally find a workout video on the laptop and decide to do that instead of watching a movie.

The girls play the video and start by following some of the stretching exercises, watching along and mimicking the poses in the video playing on their screen. They giggle and have fun limbering up, being completely innocent the whole time. They then do some of the exercises, which are still pretty innocent. They are really getting into it and enjoying it, poking fun at each other sometimes.

Before long, the video starts to get sexier, which throws the girls off at first, but they keep doing the workout.

But much to their surprise, the video eventually shows the workout turning into sex between the instructors. The girls are stunned at first, looking at each other curiously. But they both slowly look back towards the laptop, where the sex is heating up. After a moment or two of staring, they look back at each other with even more lust, deciding to go for it.

This is a whole NEW type of workout for these girls!
Date added: 2020-12-20 Length: 00:27:01 Rating:
Like 203
Dislike 19
Comments: 14
Description : Girlfriends Jaye Summers and Isabella Nice sneak into an empty classroom, holding hands and looking mischievous as they scout it out. The ladies can't keep their hands off of each other and begin heavily making out and feeling each other up on the teacher's desk, clearly turned on by being so naughty.

They both suddenly stop when they hear footsteps outside of the classroom. They panic and both duck under the teacher's desk to hide.

Teacher Sofi Ryan enters the room with a folder of papers.

Jaye and Isabella both hush as Sofi approaches the desk and sits down, dropping the folder of papers on the desk with a sigh. They stare at Sofi's legs, which are inches away, trying not to get caught.

Turned on by the danger, Jaye and Isabella can't resist making out. But this causes them to accidentally reveal their position, and Sofi catches them. Sofi is stern as she gets them to admit that they snuck into the class to fool around. Since she secretly thinks the girls are hot, she offers to let them use her classroom...if they let her join in too.

Even though Jaye and Isabella were interrupted by their teacher, it doesn't mean their fun has to stop!
Date added: 2020-12-19 Length: 00:35:33 Rating:
Like 163
Dislike 18
Comments: 16
Description : Sheena Ryder and her step-daughter, Aften Opal, arrive at Aften's grandparent's house for a visit. As they settle in, it becomes obvious that Sheena and Aften are in a sexual relationship that the grandparents don't know about. Aften gets flirty but Sheena insists that they keep their hands off of each other during the visit.

Later that night, Sheena, Aften, and the grandparents watch a movie. Aften gets a flirty look in her eyes and makes a move on Sheena, caressing her knee seductively. Sheena denies her again. Aften crosses her arms in a pouty way as they continue watching the movie.

Later that night, Sheena is in the bedroom alone. She is about to slip under the covers when Aften opens the door and creeps in. Sheena is shocked to see Aften, who has a mischievous look in her eyes and tells her to shush as she closes the door softly behind her. When Aften makes a move on Sheena, Sheena can no longer resist.

Looks like the third time's the charm!