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Epic DARE Wheel Challenge! (3 Girls x 3 Spins = 9 Dares!)
Hey everyone! It's me, Riley!

I have a special treat in store for you today! I invited my two best friends, Hazel and Kyler, to join me for a little game: an epic dare wheel challenge! I thought it'd be a fun way to mix things up a little on this channel -- I'll take any excuse to hang out with my bestest besties.

My first dare was to share a 'private' kiss with another player and Hazel was up for the challenge, so we snuck into the bathroom. Oh, boy, I'll tell you this: Hazel is an AMAZING kisser. I could've easily kept on kissing her FOREVER but Kyler was pretty sneaky and popped in with the phone, so... I guess it wasn't all THAT private after all, haha!

But that was just the beginning. The longer we played, the sexier the dares got, especially when we all got braver. Like, Hazel deepthroated a banana and Kyler got spanked... There were lapdances and more kisses... Whoo, I'm getting hot just thinking about it! I need a fan!

Anyway, we did a LOT of fun, sexy things as we took turns spinning the dare wheel but when it landed on 'threesome,' well, that's what I remember the most! We were all feeling a bit frisky from the game, so having the chance to FINALLY get down and dirty with each other was... well, I DARE you to watch and find out!

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Date added: 2021-09-17 Length: 00:40:27 Rating:
Like 67
Dislike 6
Comments: 17
Description : Four friends - Lacy Lennon, Lily Larimar, Indica Monroe, and Apryl Rein - are ready to go to a beach party but are stopped in their tracks by a sudden downpour.

The girls are frustrated about how fast the weather changed and whine about how they can't go to the beach party now. Their day is RUINED! But someone quickly proposes that they have their own INDOOR beach party, saying that they can do pretty much EVERYTHING -- except the swimming part.

Everyone is excited by the idea. Indica points out that her parents are gone for the day, so they have free rein of the house. The girls eagerly strip down to their bikinis, ready to get the party started, giggling and complimenting each other. Now it's time for the fun to begin!

As the girls lay out beach towels in the living room, they chat. Talk naturally turns to sex, with the girls mentioning that they're all virgins. When Apryl adds that she's never even KISSED a girl before, Lacy mischievously suggests that Indica kiss Apryl. The girls giggle at the suggestion. Apryl seems nervous but excited, and agrees. Indica approaches her, passionately giving Apryl her first kiss.

The other girls watch, growing increasingly lustful. Getting hornier by the second, Lacy has an idea. She suggests that they all lose their virginity to EACH OTHER. The girls are a little hesitant, but, excited by the sight of their hot, bikini-clad friends, eagerly agree. They all take off their bikini tops, getting a look at each other's perfect, perky breasts.

Looks like these girls aren't going to let a little rain spoil their fun!
Date added: 2021-09-12 Length: 00:31:53 Rating:
Like 153
Dislike 17
Comments: 13
Description : Christie Stevens' business is growing and in need of more workers to help carry the load, which is when she hires Evelyn Claire from a temp agency. Evelyn comes with GLOWING reviews from past employers and seems to be just the person for the job. Unfortunately, it seems like those reviews are filled with nothing but LIES because it quickly becomes apparent that Evelyn is nothing but a slacker!

Since it doesn't seem like Evelyn is pulling her weight or taking things seriously, Christie calls her into the office to give her a warning. But Evelyn is so aloof that Christie can't seem to get through to her... until she insists that she has to call the temp agency. That's when Evelyn suddenly gives Christie her FULL attention. In order to keep her cushy job, Evelyn's willing to do whatever it takes -- including seducing Christie to show her exactly WHY her past employers thought so highly of her.
Date added: 2021-09-11 Length: 00:21:44 Rating:
Like 124
Dislike 33
Comments: 17
Description : Aria Banks enjoys spending quality time with her stepmom, Rachael Cavalli, especially when it comes to watching their favorite show together. That day, she excitedly hurries to her stepmom's room to let her know the latest episode is on but is shocked to find Rachael relaxing with her hand down her panties!

Rachael is embarrassed to be caught since Aria is so curious about what exactly she's doing. When Rachael admits to having been masturbating, Aria is confused as to why Rachael's husband isn't taking care of that for her. That's when Rachael explains that their busy schedules mean that they never have enough time for each other, so Rachael sometimes has to take care of herself.

Aria, truly trying to be helpful, offers to help take care of Rachael. Rachael is stunned by the offer but since her sweet stepdaughter genuinely seems concerned for her wellbeing, she gives in. Even if Rachael can't seem to connect with her husband these days, she ALWAYS manages to make time for Aria!
Date added: 2021-09-09 Length: 00:52:24 Rating:
Like 327
Dislike 9
Comments: 58
Description : April O'Neil, a reporter, shows up to interview Sinn Sage, a kama sutra expert, at her home. She's a bit shy about the topic matter but determined to see the interview through... until Sinn opens up the door naked!

Much to April's dismay, Sinn insists on doing the interview naked since she's much more comfortable that way. April is embarrassed as she tries in various ways to avoid staring right at Sinn during the interview, which makes Sinn curious. In fact, April is so flustered that Sinn questions if she's really the right woman for the job! Sinn wants the piece to be done justice, after all.

April is a bit wounded but determined to be professional as she pushes forward. Throughout the interview, as Sinn explains various aspects about the kama sutra, April's world view gradually starts to shift. Though Sinn is encouraging her to be more open-minded and accepting, April still struggles. That's when Sinn suggests using sex to empower April and help her break free of her constraints.

Despite her initial shock, April DOES think Sinn's onto something... and she's ready to prove she really IS the right woman for the job!
Date added: 2021-09-04 Length: 00:27:11 Rating:
Like 130
Dislike 46
Comments: 25
Description : Harmony Rivers and her friend, Lulu Chu, need to interview a role model for school. The only problem is that they know TOO MANY amazing women -- how can they just pick ONE?? That's when Lulu casually suggests interviewing Harmony's stepmom, London Rivers, a successful business owner. Harmony thinks it's a GREAT idea and that they're going to get an 'A' for sure. But little does Harmony know, Lulu would much rather have the 'V'!

The next day, Harmony and Lulu graciously follow London around as she finishes giving them the tour of her office. Once they settle in and make themselves comfortable, the teens begin questioning London about her career, although that's when Harmony realizes that Lulu has an ulterior motive... As Lulu's questions to London become more and more flirty, Harmony is mortified -- especially since London seems into it. In fact, as things start to get steamy, London and Lulu insist that Harmony can leave if she wants, but Harmony's NOT about to let them ruin her chance to ace this project!
Date added: 2021-09-03 Length: 00:38:16 Rating:
Like 237
Dislike 7
Comments: 31
Description : Jessie Saint is excited for her first time alone as her parents leave for an anniversary trip. Before they leave, her parents can't stop fretting over her, but Jessie assures them that everything will be fine!

When Jessie's finally alone, she happily lounges in her underwear and gets ready to watch ALL the scary movies her parents don't allow her to see. She's been waiting for this chance FOREVER and she can't wait to see what all the fuss is about. But although it's all fun and games right now, by the time night rolls around, Jessie has some serious regrets about her life's choices.

As Jessie lies in bed, every creak and groan of the house startles her. Although she tries to be logical about it, she can't stop her mind from imagining all the serial killers and monsters from the horror movies coming to get her. It gets so bad that she finally calls her friend, Jane Wilde, to come over.

When Jane arrives, she is calm and collected as she offers to walk around the house with Jessie to show her that there's nothing to be scared of. Even after they do that and find everything to be safe and sound, Jessie still asks if Jane would be willing to spend the night with her -- just in case.

Just wanting to be a good friend, Jane agrees, and they soon slide into bed together. But as they cuddle up to each other, things start to heat up. Surely it's just the adrenalin, right? Whatever it is, as they begin touching each and more, Jessie finds herself wishing that Jane could spend EVERY night with her -- not just the scary ones!
Date added: 2021-08-29 Length: 00:37:57 Rating:
Like 289
Dislike 18
Comments: 32
Description : Kenna James is anxious and conflicted as she paces back and forth in her living room. She is about to go on a very special date with her girlfriend but is considering canceling it. It's just that they agreed to have a threesome for the first time, and it's time for said threesome, but Kenna isn't sure she can go through with it -- there's too much pressure! What if everything goes WRONG??

As Kenna desperately wonders what to do, two devils, Lacy Lennon and Vanna Bardot, appear, being sexy manifestations of her conscience. Kenna is surprised but thankful for some input, though is a BIT confused by the lack of an angel... That's when she learns that the angel switched sides because, for once, both she and the devil agree on something: Kenna NEEDs to have this threesome!

Kenna is surprised but still so uncertain, even as Lacy and Vanna both try and reassure her. When that fails, the devils instead begin seducing Kenna, wanting to boost her confidence and ease her into the new experience. It takes a moment or two but Kenna realizes that they're coming onto her... and is then finally convinced to have a bit of fun to help clear her mind so that she can do the REAL thing later!
Date added: 2021-08-28 Length: 00:30:59 Rating:
Like 201
Dislike 18
Comments: 23
Description : Silvia Saige and her bubbly stepdaughter, Kylie Rocket, are back home after a shopping trip. Kylie LOVES the new dress Silvia got for herself and encourages Silvia to date again, although Silvia seems a bit resistant to the idea. It's this resistance that confuses Kylie because she knows Silvia is so hot and amazing that she can land anyone she wants!

But that's just the problem: Silvia only wants KYLIE.

Kylie is shocked at first at the revelation, but she's quickto recover and admit that she's interested in Silvia, too. She knew they'dalways been close but she thought that was just them being friends. Now that she knows what she's been feeling is actually romantic, everything suddenly makes much more sense.

But how will they both feel when it comes time to be sexual? There's only one wayto find out!
Date added: 2021-08-26 Length: 00:43:21 Rating:
Like 231
Dislike 18
Comments: 27
Description : Spencer Bradley is just getting ready to go in for the night shift when her best friend and roomie, Whitney Wright, arrives home from the day shift. They both had big dreams of working together as nurses but have been put on separate schedules. Now they NEVER get to see each other and, when they DO, they have no energy left to hang out. But this weekend, they have a double date together and are looking forward to it. They're FINALLY going to have some fun!

When the weekend rolls around, it's time for the date but both women are too exhausted. They decide to cancel their date, though dread it because no one seems to understand how hectic their schedules are. That's when an unexpected spark happens between the besties as they realize that THEY understand each other in a way that no one else ever can.

Although they're both a bit awkward and shy, since it's their first time admitting such feelings for another woman, it's not long before their love for each other takes hold. It looks like these two are FINALLY going to get everything they've ever wanted -- and more.
Date added: 2021-08-21 Length: 00:27:59 Rating:
Like 359
Dislike 24
Comments: 36
Description : Aaliyah Love and Lauren Phillips, two frenemies, are hanging out. As they bicker and verbally spar, their love lives come up and things get heated. They're both so determined to prove that they still got the moves that they decide to do a little competition. They both have beautiful stepdaughters, so they're going to see who can seduce the other's stepdaughter first!

Things get underway as, on another day, Aaliyah shows up at Lauren's house to try and seduce her stepdaughter, Lacy Lennon. At the same time, Lauren shows up at Aaliyah's house to seduce HER stepdaughter, Charlotte Sins! Both women try their hardest, flaunting their gorgeous bodies, but the teens don't seem at all interested. How can that BE??

As Aaliyah and Lauren meet up again, baffled about their failed attempts, Lacy and Charlotte make an appearance. The teens admit that they knew about their stepmoms' little competition... and the reason why they weren't successful is because each stepdaughter wants her OWN stepmom! And now that everything's out in the open, it's time to put the unnecessary rivalry aside and FINALLY have a bit of fun.
Date added: 2021-08-20 Length: 00:41:41 Rating:
Like 108
Dislike 41
Comments: 20
Description : Harley Haze and her friend Penelope Kay are hanging out in Harley's living room, discussing how they can get more followers on social media. Penelope says that doing makeup tutorials is super popular. Harley perks up at the idea, but then sadly points out that would require buying lots of makeup, and neither of them can afford that. They come up with several more ideas, but end up rejecting all of them.

They finally decide to do an unboxing video, but neither of them can afford to order anything. Harley says that one of her parents is always receiving packages, so she'll just 'borrow' the next package that comes in.

A few days later, Harley and Penelope 'borrow' the next package and use Harley's cellphone to start filming an unboxing video. However, as they unwrap the package and open the box, they have to stop recording when they find out that the box is full of lingerie and sex toys.

After getting over the initial shock, they giggle over the mishap and examine some of the items from the box. They ask each other if either of them has had sex before. Neither of them has. Overcome with curiosity, Penelope and Harley can't resist using some of these new toys to experiment together.

It looks like they'll be unwrapping EACH OTHER today!
Date added: 2021-08-15 Length: 00:44:23 Rating:
Like 395
Dislike 16
Comments: 38
Description : Gabbie Carter is secretly dating two amazing girls, Eliza Ibarra and Lulu Chu, but knows that she can't string them along any further. She HAS to choose one to commit to, no matter how great they BOTH are. That's when she decides to call Eliza over to have a serious talk with her.

When Eliza arrives and is led into the bedroom, she is sweet and doting, obviously having no idea what Gabbie is about to tell her. But before Gabbie can say anything, they are interrupted by the doorbell, which confuses Gabbie. She excuses herself to answer the door and is shocked to see Lulu, who has shown up to give her a romantic surprise.

Gabbie, curious about the surprise and hesitant to send Lulu away, invites her to wait on the couch while she finishes up... something else. From there, things get more and more sexy and chaotic as Gabbie flits between the bedroom with Eliza and the living room with Lulu, unable to keep her hands off them. How can she break up with EITHER of them now?? But how long can she keep them in the dark before she's found out? And what will happen then??