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Epic DARE Wheel Challenge! (3 Girls x 3 Spins = 9 Dares!)
Hey everyone! It's me, Riley!

I have a special treat in store for you today! I invited my two best friends, Hazel and Kyler, to join me for a little game: an epic dare wheel challenge! I thought it'd be a fun way to mix things up a little on this channel -- I'll take any excuse to hang out with my bestest besties.

My first dare was to share a 'private' kiss with another player and Hazel was up for the challenge, so we snuck into the bathroom. Oh, boy, I'll tell you this: Hazel is an AMAZING kisser. I could've easily kept on kissing her FOREVER but Kyler was pretty sneaky and popped in with the phone, so... I guess it wasn't all THAT private after all, haha!

But that was just the beginning. The longer we played, the sexier the dares got, especially when we all got braver. Like, Hazel deepthroated a banana and Kyler got spanked... There were lapdances and more kisses... Whoo, I'm getting hot just thinking about it! I need a fan!

Anyway, we did a LOT of fun, sexy things as we took turns spinning the dare wheel but when it landed on 'threesome,' well, that's what I remember the most! We were all feeling a bit frisky from the game, so having the chance to FINALLY get down and dirty with each other was... well, I DARE you to watch and find out!

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Date added: 2021-02-28 Length: 00:40:53 Rating:
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Dislike 3
Comments: 11
Description : Karlee Grey, a lesbian, is on her way to a treatment center because she slipped up and was recently with... a man! Karlee feels terrible for this moment of weakness, but her roommate Jillian Janson assures her that sometimes relapses happen, and the treatment will help her get back on the gay and narrow.

A month later, Jillian welcomes Karlee back from treatment. Karlee seems happy and very lustful towards Jillian, saying that the treatment has cured her and she no longer has any straight urges. In fact, Karlee's recovery was so successful that she tells Jillian 'I want women... I want pussy... I want YOU.'

Jillian is overjoyed that her friend is feeling better, and they have passionate sex, kissing and tasting each other with enthusiasm. What an inspiring recovery!
Date added: 2021-02-27 Length: 00:34:18 Rating:
Like 96
Dislike 41
Comments: 32
Description : Gia Derza is in her bedroom, trying to take some sexy selfies, when her bubbly stepmom, Joanna Angel, visits. Gia's an aspiring pornstar and Joanna is so proud of her! In fact, as she tries to find out more about Gia's experiences so far, she can't help but to brag about her OWN experiences within the industry as well. Since Joanna's seen it all, she just wants to help guide Gia -- even if some of her advice is a bit outdated.

Gia appreciates Joanna's attempts, even if not everything she says is applicable, but once Gia mentions having accidentally squirted on set, things get very interesting. Joanna is in awe, insisting that squirting is a valuable skill! Gia is amazed but nervous since she can't really control it. Luckily for her, this is something Joanna can teach Gia that will NEVER get old!
Date added: 2021-02-25 Length: 00:34:33 Rating:
Like 154
Dislike 7
Comments: 22
Description : Violet Starr is looking forward to a romantic evening with her wife, chatting with her on the phone, but then is disappointed when her wife has to work late -- AGAIN. That's when Violet's eyes fall on a nearby piggy bank as she smugly puts a coin into it. She announces to her wife that the piggy bank is full, which means she gets to have a little unrestrained fun. Of course, this is something that they agreed on previously, so Violet's good to go!

After she hangs up, Violet thoughtfully toys with her wedding ring a little before pocketing it.

A little while later, Violet comes home with another woman, Skye Blue. The air is charged as they feel each other up, getting hot and heavy. But Skye accidentally discovers the wedding ring, confronting Violet about it. Violet sheepishly admits that she's married andthat she and her wife have a... special arrangement. Every time her workaholic wife works late and leaves her alone, they put a coininto a piggy bank, like a swear jar. Now the piggy bank is full, which means she has permission from her wife to cheat!

Skye is shocked and a bit nervous about being with a married woman, but Violet assures her that everything is really okay. It's clear they BOTH need some relief -- does Skye REALLY want to give up now when they have PERMISSION to have fun??
Date added: 2021-02-20 Length: 00:32:17 Rating:
Like 189
Dislike 22
Comments: 34
Description : Crystal Taylor has a brand new cellphone and is secretly putting in a number for a potential booty call when her cute stepdaughter, Paige Owens, distracts her. Crystal is so flustered by how complicated organizing her new contacts is that when Paige offers to put in her own number, Crystal lets her. Unfortunately, little do they know, Paige accidentally puts her number under Crystal's booty call's contact info!

Later that day, once she's alone, Crystal sends a flirty text to her booty call... When Paige receives this unknown text, she's surprised but feeling bold, so sends a flirty text back. As the days go on, the texts between them become more and more steamy. In fact, Paige even sends sexy topless pictures but because her face isn't in them, Crystal never suspects that she's looking at her own stepdaughter!

Then one day, Crystal finally sends her address to Paige to get together... and the gig is up. Mortified, they confront each other but after the initial shock wears off, they have to admit that there's undeniable chemistry between them. They've come THIS far already, so why not go all the way??
Date added: 2021-02-19 Length: 00:37:22 Rating:
Like 157
Dislike 14
Comments: 32
Description : Two teens - Hazel Moore and Samantha Reigns - are writing a test side-by-side in an exam setting. The pressure's on! Samantha doesn't seem to be doing too well, and leans over to peek at Hazel's answers. The teacher catches Samantha cheating, and threatens to flunk her immediately. But Hazel covers for her, lying and saying that Samantha was just handing her a pencil she dropped.

After the test is over and the teacher leaves, Hazel and Samantha are alone. Hazel prepares to leave as well, but Samanatha stops her to talk, asking why Hazel covered for her. Hazel is shy at first, but after some discussion she reveals the answer: because she has a crush on her. Samantha is deeply grateful, and offers to thank Hazel with a kiss... then another kiss, and another!

The two teens go back into the empty classroom and remove their clothes. They begin pleasuring each other with their fingers and tongues, exploring each other's bodies and making good use of the classroom furniture. Wow! After they finish, they make plans to study together for the NEXT test. They're probably going to do a lot more than just study, though!
Date added: 2021-02-14 Length: 00:35:57 Rating:
Like 357
Dislike 14
Comments: 56
Description : Three friends - Elena Koshka, Charlotte Stokely, and Aidra Fox - have just had dinner together. As they chat, talk soon turns to their love lives. Charlotte and Aidra have always been very competitive with each other and soon get into an argument about who is the better lover.

An idea is proposed to settle who is the better lover: Aidra and Charlotte will both go under the table and take turns eating Elena out, who will then decide who did it better. But the twist is that Elena won't know who is eating her out, so it will be like one of those blind taste tests. After some initial hesitation, Elena agrees.

Charlotte and Aidra both go under the table. Charlotte goes first, eating Elena's pussy as Aidra watches, becoming aroused. Aidra is up next, and begins to lick Elena's pussy.

Elena seems to be enjoying the expert tongues of BOTH her friends, but can she choose just ONE of them?
Date added: 2021-02-13 Length: 00:39:51 Rating:
Like 197
Dislike 50
Comments: 40
Description : Step-sisters Emma Starletto and Lily Larimar both look bored as they sit in an empty classroom. They don't have any work on their desks and their backpacks are on the floor. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Emma and Lily are surprised when their step-mother Sarah Vandella pokes her head in.

Sarah steps inside, looking stern. Shocked that they are unsupervised, Sarah is furious about the school's lack of structure and discipline and decides to punish the girls herself.

The girls warily eye Sarah as she announces that she's going to spank them as punishment. They are shocked and protest, talking over each other, but Sarah silently holds a hand up, and they immediately shut up. She then tells them each to bend over a desk, giving them both a stern look.

Sarah raises their skirts, spanking their supple asses as they gasp with pleasure.

It's safe to say that this isn't the kind of punishment these bad apples expected - not that they're complaining!!
Date added: 2021-02-11 Length: 00:29:38 Rating:
Like 137
Dislike 12
Comments: 21
Description : It's night and all is quiet in an empty living room. But soon, robber Avery Black creeps quietly through the house. Avery has a small knapsack slung over her shoulder. She looks around the room for things to steal, picking up and looking at various objects and putting them in her bag.

When she's done looking around, she creeps out of the room.

A few moments later, Avery creeps into a darkened bedroom through the open door. She sees Amari Anne in bed with her eyes closed. Avery looks cautious but not completely surprised. Avery creeps around the room, picking things up and placing various objects in her bag.

Suddenly Amari stirs. There is a moment of suspense as Avery freezes. When Amari doesn't say anything, Avery breathes a deep and quiet sigh of relief and resumes creeping.

But her relief is short-lived because a moment later, Avery is daintily taking a step when she accidentally makes a noise. Avery freezes as Amari's eyes instantly snap open, sitting up in bed. Because of the dark and the fact that she does not have her contacts in, Amari thinks that Avery is her partner coming home. Amari pulls the covers aside and pats the bed, motioning for Avery to get in.

Avery gulps nervously. How's she gonna get out of this one??
Date added: 2021-02-06 Length: 00:32:51 Rating:
Like 210
Dislike 53
Comments: 34
Description : Laney Grey is sound to the world as her stepmother, Jessica Ryan, tries to get her out of bed to catch the bus for school. Laney has already missed the bus TWICE that week, so Jessica attempts to lure Laney out of bed with the promise of freshly-cooked bacon. However, Laney's not sold as she simply rolls over. There's no doubt Laney will miss her bus and Jessica has to accept defeat for that day. But she's already planning how to tackle this problem the NEXT morning...

The next morning, Laney STILL won't get up on time. Jessica makes silly barking sounds, pretending that she got Laney a new pet but Laney doesn't budge. Jessica is stunned beyond belief but has one more trick up her sleeve for the following morning...

The next morning, with Laney still sound to the world, Jessica decides to go all in. She sits down on the edge of Laney's bed and leans in close, promising that if Laney gets out of bed, she'll give her stepdaughter what she's always wanted: sex! But will it FINALLY be enough to get Laney's lazy butt up??
Date added: 2021-02-05 Length: 00:30:57 Rating:
Like 176
Dislike 22
Comments: 34
Description : Mina Moon arrives at her best friend's house to hang out but is greeted by Sawyer Cassidy instead, who is another member of the family. As soon as their eyes meet, the sexual tension between them is clear as day.

Mina is flustered as she asks where her bestie is, only to be told that she's running late. Not wanting to be alone with Sawyer because of the unspoken chemistry between them, she offers to wait in the car but Sawyer invites Mina in instead. Although Mina is nervous, she hesitantly steps inside after Sawyer.

Once they're both inside, they sit together on the couch to make an idle chat. The tension between them only grows thicker as they exchange lustful looks, their knees bumping lightly together. But as Sawyer begins to brush her fingers over Mina's thigh, Mina pulls back, insisting that they can't let themselves get carried away. She promised her bestie that they wouldn't get involved -- they BOTH promised not to get involved!

When Sawyer boldly challenges the bestie's selfish motives, Mina begins to see the light. They only promised they wouldn't DATE, so having a little fun would be completely okay. Why should the bestie get to decide whether or not they get together, anyway? They've been pining for each other for so long... It's time to finally take control and do what they've always wanted!
Date added: 2021-01-31 Length: 00:38:09 Rating:
Like 150
Dislike 36
Comments: 22
Description : It's time for some yoga! Jenevieve Hexxx shows off her flexibility, stretching her beautiful body and twisting her legs into some truly impressive and sexy poses. But wait, she has a visitor! The lovely Serene Siren is here to get a yoga lesson from Jenevieve.

Serene used to do gymnastics and yoga, but has since lost her inspiration and is hoping that Jenevieve can help her. It's best to learn from an expert, right? Jenevieve tests Serene's flexibility and fitness level, using it as an excuse to touch Serene's sweet thighs and shapely ass. It looks like Serene needs some assistance with balance, so Jenevieve offers her breasts as a headrest. Such a helpful teacher!

Next, Jenevieve has Serene try out several different positions, pressing against Serene to help her hold each pose. Serene can't stop herself from moaning in pleasure at how good the poses feel. With all those alluring positions and delicious moans, naturally, the next step is for these talented ladies to remove their clothes and have fantastic sex, rubbing and tasting each other with lots of enthusiasm. It looks like Serene found her inspiration again. After all, exercise is great, but SEXERCISE is even better!
Date added: 2021-01-30 Length: 00:32:02 Rating:
Like 175
Dislike 29
Comments: 29
Description : Ryan Keely, a barista, is showing her stepdaughter, Freya, around the cafe. This is Freya's first job and Ryan couldn't be happier to have her stepdaughter shadowing HER as she learns the ropes! It's just that Freya will be going away to college next year and Ryan wants to set her up for success any way that she can.

One of the first things Ryan wants to teach Freya is all about tips, including how women are GREAT tippers, ESPECIALLY if you flirt with them a little as SHE does. Although Ryan thinks nothing of it, she's curious when Freya becomes flustered... After some coaxing, Freya admits that she might be into girls for more than just tips. Ryan excitedly responds that college is the PERFECT time for Freya to figure that out, while also admitting that she herself is bi!

When Ryan learns that Freya hasn't 'experimented' yet, she's quick to offer Freya more tips to help her sex life, too. Of course, it'd just be much easier to SHOW her, so once she gets her shy stepdaughter on board, they're about to make more than just coffee!