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Epic DARE Wheel Challenge! (3 Girls x 3 Spins = 9 Dares!)
Hey everyone! It's me, Riley!

I have a special treat in store for you today! I invited my two best friends, Hazel and Kyler, to join me for a little game: an epic dare wheel challenge! I thought it'd be a fun way to mix things up a little on this channel -- I'll take any excuse to hang out with my bestest besties.

My first dare was to share a 'private' kiss with another player and Hazel was up for the challenge, so we snuck into the bathroom. Oh, boy, I'll tell you this: Hazel is an AMAZING kisser. I could've easily kept on kissing her FOREVER but Kyler was pretty sneaky and popped in with the phone, so... I guess it wasn't all THAT private after all, haha!

But that was just the beginning. The longer we played, the sexier the dares got, especially when we all got braver. Like, Hazel deepthroated a banana and Kyler got spanked... There were lapdances and more kisses... Whoo, I'm getting hot just thinking about it! I need a fan!

Anyway, we did a LOT of fun, sexy things as we took turns spinning the dare wheel but when it landed on 'threesome,' well, that's what I remember the most! We were all feeling a bit frisky from the game, so having the chance to FINALLY get down and dirty with each other was... well, I DARE you to watch and find out!

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Date added: 2022-05-20 Length: 00:28:24 Rating:
Like 90
Dislike 6
Comments: 6
Description : Two teen friends, Coco Lovelock and Ava Sinclaire, excitedly enter Coco's bedroom after school to look over their new yearbooks. They've been waiting for this ALL DAY and it's sure to be the perfect cherry on the cake of their final year of high school. Things aren't all glitz and glamour, however, as they are shocked to read that Coco has been voted 'Most Likely To Die A Virgin' and Ava 'Most Immature.' Determined to prove all their friends wrong, they wonder what they can do to change people's minds.

Even though Coco IS still a virgin, she desperately wants to get laid- she just doesn't know with who yet. Ava suggests that Coco should just become a lesbian like her, claiming it's much easier to find women who are DTF. Coco, despite being straight, is inspired by Ava's suggestion and offers to have sex with her. Ava is surprised and somewhat hesitant- she definitely wasn't expecting Coco to move so quickly.

Coco, however, insists that if they have sex together, both of them will get what they want. Coco won't be a virgin anymore and Ava will be more mature since... what's MORE mature than sex, right? Ava thinks it over and then agrees to Coco's plan. They start with kissing, being a bit clumsy and cutesy at first but gradually getting more and more into it. Before long, they peel away their clothes and have playful, lesbian sex on Coco's bed. That'll show the yearbook committee!
Date added: 2022-05-14 Length: 00:33:36 Rating:
Like 192
Dislike 35
Comments: 21
Description : Jordan Maxx returns home after a day out and chats with her stepdaughter, Madi Collins. Jordan is disappointed that a new friend of hers, Naomi Foxxx, who she has a crush on, has rebuffed her advances. It seems as though Jordan isn't Naomi's type since Naomi prefers younger women!

Madi hates seeing Jordan upset, and hatches a plan to help Jordan score with Naomi...

The next day, Madi and Jordan enact the plan, showing up at Naomi's house unexpectedly. As Naomi invites them in, meeting Madi for the first time, there are hints of attraction. This attraction only grows as Madi becomes increasingly more flirtatious with Naomi while the three of them chat. But then Jordan pretends to have a work emergency, hastily rushing out the front door and leaving Naomi to drive Madi home.

Alone with Naomi, the real fun begins as Madi becomes even more flirtatious, quickly seducing Naomi. As they begin fooling around, Madi suggests blindfolding Naomi and Naomi eagerly agrees.

With Naomi blindfolded, Madi secretly calls Jordan back into the house, revealing that Jordan never left. Jordan soon sneakily takes Madi's place, pleasuring Naomi, with Naomi still thinking it's Madi pleasuring her the whole time. Although things seem to be going to plan, Naomi soon pulls the blindfold away and is shocked when she realizes she's been tricked.

Jordan and Madi apologetically explain that after Naomi rebuffed Jordan's advances, she and Madi hatched this plan, which hinged on Naomi's preference for younger women. Jordan expresses how sorry she is, mentioning that she only did this because she REALLY likes Naomi. Fortunately, Naomi relaxes and admits that, although she DOES typically prefer younger women, she really likes Jordan too but was afraid of ruining their friendship!

Now with everything out in the open, and all three women still hot and heavy, they decide to finish what they started.
Date added: 2022-05-12 Length: 00:27:48 Rating:
Like 256
Dislike 17
Comments: 21
Description : Nicole Aria, a federal agent, is undercover at a company to gather as much evidence as possible to catch a suspected embezzler, Jenna Sativa, the company's accountant. Although Nicole's dedicated to the cause, as soon as she meets Jenna for the first time, she's smitten!

Over the next few weeks, Nicole tries to keep her mind on the task at hand but every time Jenna is in the same room as her, she becomes flustered. But this is a SERIOUS BUSINESS and Nicole has a job to do. Although it takes time -- and some very close calls -- Nicole finally gets hold of the damning evidence she needs...

When the day finally comes, Nicole confronts Jenna, revealing who she is and why she's really there. Jenna thinks it's a joke at first but Nicole assures her that this is the real deal. Jenna is concerned but then gets a sly idea as she starts coming onto Nicole. Although Nicole may have been able to keep her job a secret, her attraction to Jenna has been SUPER obvious... so Jenna's SURE they can come to some kind of agreement...
Date added: 2022-05-07 Length: 00:34:48 Rating:
Like 177
Dislike 25
Comments: 10
Description : Lauren Phillips and her stepdaughter, Aria Carson, come home after a day out. Aria is outraged to have seen a parent publicly spanking her youth, while Lauren feels that there is nothing wrong with it.

Lauren and Aria get into a heated debate about spanking, with Aria against it and Lauren for it. Aria, realizing that neither one of them has ever been spanked/spanked anyone, suggests that Lauren spank HER. After some initial surprise and hesitation, Lauren agrees to give it a try just to put the argument to rest.

Lauren tentatively spanks Aria once and they're BOTH unexpectedly taken aback by the interesting tingling sensation. Lauren continues spanking Aria, both of them getting caught up in the moment as the tingling heat becomes more and more intense. They struggle to hide the fact that they're getting aroused from each other but their lust soon slips through... Now it's time to very much turn pain into pleasure!
Date added: 2022-05-06 Length: 00:29:51 Rating:
Like 150
Dislike 15
Comments: 16
Description : Amber Stark and her best friend, Allie Addison, are hanging out, chatting about an upcoming school dance. When Allie asks if Amber has anyone in mind for the dance, Amber is a bit shifty, insisting that she has no one. Yet, even as she says so, she sneaks shy peeks at Allie...

Amber then tries to move on, insisting that she's worried that she doesn't know how to do makeup appropriate for the dance. Allie reassures her that she doesn't know how to do that kind of makeup either, so that's when they decide to practice together.

They break out a makeup kit but as soon as they're about to get started, Amber shyly backs out by putting the makeup away. Allie is confused as she questions what's wrong. Amber is only all the more shy as she insists that Allie doesn't even NEED makeup since she's so beautiful... But Amber becomes so flustered that she accidently lets slip that she's actually in love with Allie!

Now that the truth has been revealed, Amber is terrified that she's ruined their friendship. But, to her surprise and relief, Allie admits that she loves her, too. Overwhelmed by these newfound emotions, they come together for a sweet kiss that leads to so much more.
Date added: 2022-05-01 Length: 00:43:55 Rating:
Like 324
Dislike 22
Comments: 43
Description : Three coworkers (Lilly Bell, Kimmy Kim, and April Olsen) are nervously waiting to be called on by their boss (Vicki Chase). It's time for their annual performance reviews and they all seem extremely worried. Judging by their anxiety, it's clear that Vicki has a reputation for giving out negative, scathing reviews.

Vicki calls all of the coworkers into her office and begins the review. After examining each of their files, Vicki comes to the conclusion that none of them are stellar employees. They're not the worst of the bunch, but not the best either. However, Vicki may be willing to fudge their reviews to be more positive... IF they have sex with her AND each other. However, it's all or nothing. If even a single coworker backs out, the deal is off. She then gives the coworkers five minutes to make their decision.

Lilly is already into the idea and tries to convince Kimmy and April to accept the deal, but they are hesitant. April, who is married, is afraid of cheating on her wife. Lily, however, reminds April that a negative review can be much worse for her marriage than an innocent foursome. April thinks it over and is convinced. Both Lily and April now try and convince Kimmy, but she isn't interested. Kimmy is straight, so this would be a VERY new experience for her. But with her silver tongue, Lily manages to convince Kimmy as well.

When Vicki comes back in, the coworkers are eager and ready to get started. They have a playful, energetic foursome- making it clear that any problem can be solved through the magic of teamwork!
Date added: 2022-04-30 Length: 00:32:50 Rating:
Like 237
Dislike 30
Comments: 14
Description : Kendra James is having a hard time finding the perfect wife. Nina Elle is her FOURTH wife and they are about to have some romantic time to themselves on their honeymoon, although Kendra is nervous. Kendra's brought her stepdaughter, Haley Reed, along but is worried that it will drive a wedge between her and Nina, just like it has with her past wives. But unlike her past wives, Nina genuinely doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

They start to get frisky, though are soon interrupted by Haley. Like usual, Haley wants ALL of Kendra's attention for herself. Kendra is even more worried now, especially when she starts explaining to Nina how Haley usually only calms down after having sex. But unlike the wives before her, Nina invites Haley to join them for a threesome with open arms -- there's plenty of love to go around for EVERYONE.

It looks like Kendra FINALLY found the one!
Date added: 2022-04-28 Length: 00:46:29 Rating:
Like 230
Dislike 28
Comments: 22
Description : Alexia Anders sadly looks over a social media post of her friends partying without her, when the doorbell rings. Her visitor turns out to be Lauren Phillips, an older neighbor and friend of the family. Lauren is stopping by to check on Alexia, since her parents are on a trip. They're happy to see each other, and go inside. Lauren notices the social media post that Alexia was looking at. While Alexia claims that she is TOTALLY fine, Lauren can tell that something is wrong.

Lauren asks why Alexia didn't go on the spring break trip planned with her friends. Alexia confesses that she got into a huge fight when she tried to flirt with her friend Tracy, something she's never done before. Alexia explains how these new lesbian feelings have started to surface as she's gotten older. Lauren reveals that she is also a lesbian, which surprises Alexia but upon further reflection makes sense.

Lauren reveals that she had a similar experience to what Alexia is going through when she was in college, developing a crush on a friend. As Lauren continues to talk about her experiences, Alexia becomes both fascinated and aroused, and she compliments Lauren's beauty and sparks a mutual attraction between them. Alexia apologizes for showing some attraction to Lauren, especially given their close bond, but Lauren encourages these feelings.

Lauren asks if Alexia has ever thought about HER in intimate ways, to which Alexia admits that she has, but always thought it was because of their bond. Lauren points out that if you keep your feelings bottled up without expressing them, you'll never truly understand them. Lauren offers to let Alexia have a lesbian sexual encounter with her, but asks Alexia to promise to not EVER tell her parents. Alexia agrees, and they kiss, playfully touching their tongues together. As they undress and explore each other's bodies, it becomes clear that Alexia's spring break won't be quite so lonely after all!
Date added: 2022-04-27 Length: 00:34:50 Rating:
Like 263
Dislike 14
Comments: 15
Description : Jade Venus and Madison Morgan are planning their wedding and realize they can't keep some traditions intact. Jade especially seems stressed that things are proving to be harder than she thought. They're not getting married in a church because their parents can't agree on a religion, they're using fake flowers since Jade's allergic to real ones, and they've already seen each other's bridal dresses before the wedding because of getting them hemmed...

As Jade frets, Madison tries to be supportive, insisting that those old traditions don't matter -- they can make their OWN traditions! Besides, they LIKE the hall they have reserved and they'll save a LOT on flowers by going with fake. Jade starts to perk up, especially as they embrace that they're not a traditional couple to begin with.

Feeling much more inspired and excited, they decide to make their OWN traditions... Starting with having sex BEFORE their wedding night!
Date added: 2022-04-23 Length: 00:38:31 Rating:
Like 293
Dislike 35
Comments: 18
Description : Kendra James and her new wife, Rachael Cavalli, are cozying up in a home they have rented for their honeymoon. As they chat, it's revealed that this is Kendra's third marriage in as many years, although she really feels that Rachael is the one for her. Although Rachael feels the same about Kendra, she isn't thrilled that Kendra's stepdaughter, Haley Reed, has tagged along with them on their honeymoon...

Haley then barges in on Kendra and Rachael, and it quickly becomes clear that Haley is a handful who always wants Kendra's attention. Although they try to calm her down, nothing seems to work... until Kendra gets an idea.

Kendra explains to Rachael that she sometimes uses sex to calm Haley down. There are hints that this is why Kendra's past marriages failed, although Kendra seems oblivious to it. Rachael is initially taken aback by the suggestion but begrudgingly agrees to Haley joining them for a threesome.

Now WHO is going to ultimately win Kendra's full attention??
Date added: 2022-04-22 Length: 00:30:19 Rating:
Like 253
Dislike 23
Comments: 29
Description : Anna Claire Clouds, an office intern, receives a phone call from her boss telling her she needs to do a major presentation. Anna accepts, though is nervous. Anna calls their IT services to get help making a slideshow. A short time later, the IT agent, Penelope Kay, enters the room. Anna is momentarily taken aback by Penelope, since she's not used to seeing young women as IT agents. Anna gazes at Penelope with a hint of attraction.

Anna asks for help with the slideshow, which Penelope agrees to. As they work closely together making the slideshow, Penelope calms Anna down and helps her with building up her confidence. There are more hints of attraction between them, and sparks start to fly.

Eventually, they finish the slideshow, but Anna is horrified when the file becomes corrupted. She begins to panic. Penelope tries to calm Anna down. She assures Anna that she can give the presentation without the slideshow - after all, she memorized the material while making the slides, right?

As Anna calms down, she realizes that Penelope is correct. The attraction between them grows. Penelope is about to leave, but Anna invites her to stay, impulsively kissing her. Anna is embarrassed and pulls away, but Penelope is receptive, going in for her own kiss. They undress each other, and find a new reason to work at the desk together - by having SEX on it!
Date added: 2022-04-17 Length: 00:44:24 Rating:
Like 440
Dislike 9
Comments: 50
Description : Spencer Bradley - a nurse at a high school - escorts Liz Jordan, a seemingly sick student, back to Liz's house. They haven't been able to get ahold of Liz's parents, and Spencer resolves to put Liz to bed so she can rest. A few moments later, Spencer tucks Liz into bed and leaves the room to try calling Liz's parents again. While Spencer is out of the room, Liz grins mischievously, revealing that she is faking sickness with the aim of seducing Spencer, since Liz's parents are away on vacation.

When Spencer returns to the room, she says she won't leave Liz's side until they get ahold of her parents. Liz - pretending that she's warm - asks Spencer to help her take off her shirt and bra. Spencer does so, and seems briefly aroused, tempted by Liz's topless body (but maintains her professionalism). Liz then claims that her heartbeat is really fast, and asks Spencer to feel her heartbeat with her hand. Again, Spencer seems a little tempted as she puts her hand on Liz's bare chest. Liz then claims that she is feeling a chill, asking Spencer to climb into bed with her to warm her up.

After some initial hesitation, Spencer agrees, sliding into bed with Liz and spooning her. Liz gets increasingly flirtatious, as Spencer becomes increasingly aroused and tempted. When Liz makes her move, Spencer finally gives in. After all, it's a nurse's job to help a patient feel good!