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Epic DARE Wheel Challenge! (3 Girls x 3 Spins = 9 Dares!)
Hey everyone! It's me, Riley!

I have a special treat in store for you today! I invited my two best friends, Hazel and Kyler, to join me for a little game: an epic dare wheel challenge! I thought it'd be a fun way to mix things up a little on this channel -- I'll take any excuse to hang out with my bestest besties.

My first dare was to share a 'private' kiss with another player and Hazel was up for the challenge, so we snuck into the bathroom. Oh, boy, I'll tell you this: Hazel is an AMAZING kisser. I could've easily kept on kissing her FOREVER but Kyler was pretty sneaky and popped in with the phone, so... I guess it wasn't all THAT private after all, haha!

But that was just the beginning. The longer we played, the sexier the dares got, especially when we all got braver. Like, Hazel deepthroated a banana and Kyler got spanked... There were lapdances and more kisses... Whoo, I'm getting hot just thinking about it! I need a fan!

Anyway, we did a LOT of fun, sexy things as we took turns spinning the dare wheel but when it landed on 'threesome,' well, that's what I remember the most! We were all feeling a bit frisky from the game, so having the chance to FINALLY get down and dirty with each other was... well, I DARE you to watch and find out!

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Date added: 2020-08-01 Length: 00:40:41 Rating:
Like 112
Dislike 9
Comments: 19
Description : India Summer and her step-daughter, Vanna Bardot, have a VERY special relationship... Ever since Vanna turned 18, they've been unable to keep their hands off each other. It's gotten so bad, in fact, that India's having trouble keeping up with chores and Vanna's grades are slipping.

In order to stop the spiraling, India puts her foot down and declares that they can't have sex for a week! If they're good and get all of their chores done, including studying, then they can get down and dirty again! Although Vanna pouts and teases India for being an evil step-mother, she agrees.

The next week is the hardest week of their lives! Every little thing turns them on even more. India steals glances of Vanna's ass when she isn't looking and Vanna can't keep her eyes off India when she stretches... Vanna is especially bad as she spills water on herself, playing up the wet t-shirt look, much to India's dismay.

Despite everything, they're finally almost done! They have just one more day to go and then they can get back to sexing each other up like there's no tomorrow! But when they share a hug in the heat of the moment, everything they've worked so hard for quickly unravels as lust once again consumes them. Although they try to hold back, it's useless and they come crashing together in a heated kiss.

They waste no time stripping down and savoring each other's breasts and pussies. The tension they've been holding onto for almost a week is finally released as they let loose. It's every bit as scorching as they imagined... Maybe they should hold out again sometime!
Date added: 2020-07-30 Length: 01:12:31 Rating:
Like 48
Dislike 33
Comments: 6
Description : The madness continues in this second chapter of the Tiger King parody, with a deep and dirty dive into the sordid personal lives of Jill Erotic (Serene Siren), Cheryl Badsin (Cherie DeVille), and Bigavag 'Dot' Scandal (Reagan Foxx).

As Jill and Cheryl's ongoing battle skyrockets their companies to fame and notoriety - much to the increasing frustration of Dot - Jill finds love, not once, but TWICE! The documentary crew sits down to talk to Jill's two wives, Jane Fine-Lay (Whitney Wright) and Dylan Pussage (Gianna Dior) who spill the beans on their rollercoaster throuple.

But Jill's not the only one with skeletons in her closet, as the crew find out when they investigate the explosive rumors surrounding the disappearance of Cheryl's first wife AND get to know her new wife (intimately).

Meanwhile, over at C.O.U.G.A.R.S, the crew discover that Dot's secret sex cult isn't so secret after all and might just be another cry for attention from the FOMO-suffering mogul.

Hang on to your hats, cause this story is about to get even CRAZIER!
Date added: 2020-07-26 Length: 00:40:59 Rating:
Like 31
Dislike 27
Comments: 7
Description : Skylar Snow, Karla Kush, and Darcie Dolce are all online friends settling in for a night of gaming. Although they've never met in person, they've built strong... and interesting... relationships through their screen time together.

Things start off slow as they learn a new game but it doesn't take long before they're taking jabs at each other and having a good time. But Darcie eventually becomes bored and hints at them taking their video call to the next level... She's feeling a bit horny by now and she's sure her friends are, too! Why don't they play a DIFFERENT game together to spice things up?

When Darcie shamelessly ditches her shirt, showing off her breasts, Skylar and Karla are both more than a little amused but not altogether surprised. It doesn't take long before they eagerly follow suit, flashing their own perky tits on screen. One thing leads to another and they're all soon naked, their skin flushed as they palm their pussies on camera. As they wet their fingers and start masturbating together, it looks like they're ALL winners today!
Date added: 2020-07-25 Length: 00:31:14 Rating:
Like 125
Dislike 9
Comments: 16
Description : Laney Grey and her best friend, Chanel Grey, are enjoying each other's company, although it's bittersweet. They're both going to be away from home soon, so they're having a slumber party to get as much time together as possible! Even if they promise to see each other again, who knows what life has planned for them?

Their tender moment is interrupted by Laney's step-mom, Christie Stevens, coming in and checking on them before bed. But instead of being annoyed, Chanel can't keep her eyes off Christie. Although she's never told Laney, Chanel has a major crush on Christie. Even though tonight is supposed to be about THEM, Chanel doesn't want to miss out on this last chance to finally make her move either!

Later on that night, when Laney is dreaming sweet dreams, Chanel sneaks out of bed and into Christie's room. Although Christie is surprised at first, Chanel is persistent... and hot! After some lustful back and forth, they both agree that what Laney doesn't know won't hurt her...

Meanwhile, Laney stirs to find the bed empty. Concerned for her friend, she goes searching, only to hear faint, passionate sounds coming from her step-mom's bedroom. Once she arrives, she's shocked but horny as she catches Christie and Chanel doing it! But that shock is short-lived once she gets a steamy invitation to join...

The slumber party quickly turns into a night to remember for all three of them! No pussy is untouched as they writhe together in bed. Maybe doing more of THIS in the future is the extra incentive Laney and Chanel needs to ensure they're NEVER apart for long!
Date added: 2020-07-24 Length: 00:38:11 Rating:
Like 106
Dislike 16
Comments: 12
Description : 18-year-old step-sisters Rharri Rhound and Skylar Vox are hanging out, giggling and joking around, gossiping about boys at school. As they chat, Skylar lets it slip that she's a virgin. Skylar is embarrassed to admit that she's worried that she'll have no sexual experience when she enters college. Rharri reassures her that there's nothing to be embarrassed about, adding that she doesn't have much experience herself.

Skylar wonders aloud what they should do since they both need to be ready for college. There is a moment of silence, both of them lost in thought. Suddenly, Rharri seems to get an idea.

Rharri suggests that they fool around with each other to get some experience. Skylar is a little weirded-out at first, but it doesn't take much convincing from Rharri to make her realize that it's a good idea.

They come together for a tentative kiss but it doesn't take long for their eager hands to begin to explore each other's supple bodies.

They'd just better make sure that their dad doesn't catch them!
Date added: 2020-07-23 Length: 01:17:43 Rating:
Like 115
Dislike 26
Comments: 25
Description : Muffs, madness, and mayhem await in this Tiger King parody when a documentary crew interviews three lesbian porn tycoons about a vicious rivalry spanning years.

This stranger than fiction ride begins as the crew trace the formative years of Jill Erotic (Serene Siren), the outrageous and unhinged owner of GW Films whose wild and reckless antics make her as fascinating as she is destructive to those around her. Fate sparks a bitter feud between her and Cheryl Badsin (Cherie DeVille), founder of 'ethical' porn company Big Clit Rescue and crusader against pornstar mistreatment - unless it profits her, of course!

With the two firing the opening salvos of their battle, dotcom mogul and founder of C.O.U.G.A.R.S, Bigavag 'Dot' Scandal (Reagan Foxx), watches as her company's long-standing monopoly gets threatened by the rise of these two new players.

Packed to the brim with tell-all interviews, industry in-fighting, shady back-stabbing, and of course, HOT SEX, this is just the BEGINNING of this torrid and tumultuous tale!
Date added: 2020-07-18 Length: 00:34:09 Rating:
Like 45
Dislike 20
Comments: 4
Description : Emily Willis and her step-mother, Jaclyn Taylor, have been very naughty women. You see, they've been secretly having an affair but were finally found out. When Emily's dad caught his new wife cheating on him with his own daughter, he grounded them both!

Now, in their separate rooms, Emily and Jaclyn complain to each other over a video chat. Although they can't see each other in person right now, even though they're still in the same house, they can at least talk to each other this way.

While Jaclyn thinks they should lay low and let this all blow over, Emily isn't willing to go down without a fight. In fact, she wants to pull a fast one over on her dad... by fooling around on camera! Jaclyn isn't on board with the idea... until Emily takes off her top and shows off those perky breasts...

Things gradually get hot and heavy as they begin showing off for each other, making the best of a bad situation. When they can't hold back anymore, they put their fingers to good use pleasing themselves. Although it's not as good as the real thing, they are both still over the moon to be able to see each other writhe with pleasure. But will they be able to keep it down or will they get caught yet again??
Date added: 2020-07-16 Length: 00:34:12 Rating:
Like 166
Dislike 8
Comments: 22
Description : Best friends Mary Moody and Abigail Mac are lying on a bed together. An empty ice-cream tub with two spoons sits on the bed along with crumpled up tissue. Mary comforts Abigail, who is upset because she has just broken up with her girlfriend. Mary suggests that they watch a movie.

A short time later, Abigail has dozed off as they watch the movie on a laptop. Mary notices that Abigail has dozed off and softly closes the laptop. Mary gets up to leave, but Abigail stirs, asking her to stay with her for a bit. Mary agrees, smiling sympathetically. Mary slides into bed and cuddles up to Abigail, looking slightly flustered by her proximity to Abigail's body for a brief moment.

A little while later, Mary and Abigail are both dozing. Mary stirs, opening her eyes. She slides quietly out of the bed, careful not to disturb Abigail. She is about to leave the room, but she stops in her tracks, her eyes widening. The bed sheet has fallen down and Mary can see Abigail's ass.

Mary gulps, unable to tear herself away from the sight of Abigail's butt. She stares at Abigail and finally, becoming overwhelmed with horniness, begins to slide her hand down her own pants. She gently fingers herself to the sight of her undisturbed friend.

Eventually, Mary accidentally lets out a soft gasp of pleasure, which rouses Abigail, her eyes fluttering open.

Before Mary can leave, Abigail looks over at her in confusion. Abigail demands to know if Mary was doing what it appeared she was doing. Mary tries to stammer excuses, but quickly gives up with a sigh. Mary explains that she was staring at Abigail because she's attracted to her. Mary is shocked when Abigail admits that she feels the same way, leaning in for a deep, intense kiss.

Mary just couldn't resist creeping...luckily for them both!
Date added: 2020-07-12 Length: 00:45:17 Rating:
Like 145
Dislike 7
Comments: 23
Description : Casey Calvert is relaxing in the living room on her phone when her friend Cassidy Klein pays her a visit. Cassidy looks upset, insisting that they need to talk. They have a mutual 'friend with benefits,' April O'Neil, but Cassidy feels Casey is getting too much time with April.

Casey and Cassidy argue a bit, then decide to invite April over to discuss everything so that they don't ruin their friendship.

April arrives shortly after and is greeted by both Casey and Cassidy. There's tension between them, which April definitely notices and she asks them what's going on. Casey and Cassidy exchange uncertain looks, and finally share their frustrations with April. But as they talk, it becomes obvious that Cassidy's jealous of the time that April and Casey get to spend together and has been feeling lonely lately.

April and Casey are sympathetic to Cassidy's feelings and the three of them try to figure out a way to give Cassidy more time with April. But then April's eyes light up with a naughty idea. She suggests that the THREE of them hook up, right now.

Cassidy and Casey are taken aback by the idea, but they look shyly at each other, intrigued. Although they are still a little shy, they ultimately can't resist the temptation of a scorching hot threesome.

No time like the present, after all!
Date added: 2020-07-11 Length: 00:34:18 Rating:
Like 153
Dislike 6
Comments: 23
Description : Serene Siren is relaxing at home when her stepdaughter Lily Larimar walks by, just passing through. Serene stops her. They chat for a minute and Serene is frustrated to learn that Lily still hasn't cleaned her room like Serene asked her to. When Lily leaves, Serene, trying to find ways to motivate her somewhat lazy stepdaughter, looks something up on her phone that piques her interest.

Later, Serene is lying in bed when she asks Lily to come and see her. Serene tells her that she knows it can be hard to be motivated and to develop good habits. Lily is only 18, but Serene already sees so much potential in Lily. She's seen that potential since the MOMENT she became Lily's step-mom. Lily just needs a little help UNLOCKING this potential. To that end, Serene asks Lily to listen to meditation messages that Serene has recorded for her while she slumbers. Lily agrees.

The next morning, Serene is pleased to see that the recording seems to be working already: Lily has finally cleaned her room!

The next day, Serene is ecstatic to see that the recording is still working: Lily happily offers to help Serene cook dinner, in stark contrast to her previous lazy attitude.

But that night, Serene gets even more than she bargained for when Lily creeps into her room as Serene dozes. She stirs and sees Lily standing over her in a come-hither pose. It seems like the recording didn't just unlock Lily's hidden potential, it ALSO unlocked a hidden attraction to her step-mom!
Date added: 2020-07-10 Length: 00:32:29 Rating:
Like 43
Dislike 16
Comments: 10
Date added: 2020-07-09 Length: 00:31:00 Rating:
Like 113
Dislike 12
Comments: 12
Description : When Karla Kush, a teacher, arrives at the house of one of her students, she is a woman on a mission. She meets Christie Stevens, the mother of the student, and sits her down for a discussion. She gets straight to the point as she calls Christie out for being on a lesbian hookup app.

Christie is stunned, worried about her wife and daughter finding out about her secret affairs. Karla doesn't take it easy on her either as she insists that it's her duty as an educator to make sure that everything goes smoothly for the daughter...

It's clear that Karla is just angling for a little something for herself but Christie is so distraught, and just a bit clueless, that she doesn't notice. Instead, she plays right into Karla's hands as Karla suggests that she won't say anything to anyone... IF Christie has sex with her! Why not have an affair to end all affairs? Then Christie will be all affaired-out and there won't be any more problems in the future!

Christie, still oblivious to Karla's intentions, easily agrees to have a romp since it seems logical to her. Soon, Karla takes the lead, undressing her and fondling her breasts. As Christie gets more and more into it, things get hotter between them. The tension between them is released as they soon ravish each other, relishing the taste of each other's pussies... But is it really the affair to end all affairs??